The Northern Light Society of Alaska

DSC00975 (2)The Northern Light Society of Alaska was formed in 1985 to become interactive with the larger international Urantia Book readership and organization. Advantages of being part of the larger community are many: we are informed, involved, and are given a voice in how the revelation is shared. We are able to elect members to the General Council of The Fellowship.

Our Society is based in Anchorage. We communicate to our statewide readership in a variety of ways, sponsor yearly gatherings, raise funds, maintain this website and elect a Board of Officers. The Northern Light Society has an official financial account under the name, Undershepherds which has 501c3 status. All 2×2=MORE donations are administered through this account. Contributors can donate using the PayPal buttons (see the link, Learn more about 2×2=MORE on our Home page) or by a check payable to Undershepherds (see Contact Us & Guestbook).

Alaskan Study Groups

ub_groupUrantia study groups are informal gatherings of individuals who wish to study The Urantia Book with others.   People meet at the home of a host reader; however, there are study groups that have been meeting for years in churches, libraries, community centers and coffee shops.   Some meet on a weekly basis, while others are more infrequent or even seasonal. There are no firm rules to hosting study groups. They usually take on the identity of the local culture and personalities attending. For some tips on starting your own study group, there is helpful information at the Fellowship’s website,

The Anchorage study group has met weekly for over 40 years. We read in member’s homes every Tuesday night for 2 ½ hours. We have studied The Urantia Book in a variety of ways: reading chapter by chapter, having topical discussions, watching videos, Skyping, etc. Our Anchorage group   remains one of the longest-standing active study groups within The Fellowship. Contact either Barbara Maier (907) 351-4633 or Randy Tomson (907) 230-6960. For information about meetings in Fairbanks contact: Dan Anderson at or phone (907) 456-5494. A fledgling Readers Group is developing in Homer. Contact Lindianne Sarno at
Our Partnering Mission
One of the unique goals of the Northern Light Society of Alaska is to create partnerships with national and international Urantia organizations and with all faith believers that are committed to evolving our planet in ways that will move us all to God consciousness and peace. For example, we have an ongoing relationship with the Youth and Young Adult (YaYa ) Committee of The Fellowship. We publicize our 2×2=MORE on the YaYa’s website, Young adults may apply and if selected, they travel with the International Fellowship Committee, sharing The Urantia Book and its teachings around the globe. This project has been a model of successful cooperation throughout our community.