The Northern Light Society of Alaska was formed in 1985 to become interactive with the larger international Urantia Book readership and organization. Advantages of being part of the larger community are many: we are informed, involved, and are given a voice in how the revelation is shared. We are able to elect members to the General Council of The Fellowship.

Our Society is based in Anchorage. We communicate to our statewide readership in a variety of ways, sponsor yearly gatherings, raise funds, maintain this website and elect a Board of Officers. The Northern Light Society has an official financial account under the name, Undershepherds which has 501c3 status. All 2×2=MORE donations are administered through this account. Contributors can donate using the PayPal buttons (see the link, Learn more about 2×2=MORE on our Home page) or by a check payable to Undershepherds (see Contact Us & Guestbook).