Urantia Related Sites

Many wonderful websites and a plethora of other materials containing spiritual insight are available and some are listed below. We belong to an evolving organization in an evolving universe.   Our creativity unfolds daily and we will continue to revise these links to provide you new education thru websites, events and visual media.


~ The mission of this organization is to facilitate the worldwide spread of The Urantia Book and its teachings.

Urantia Now

~ A beautiful and informative site to explore the youth movement inside the Urantia community


~ A good summary of The Urantia Book. You may elect to receive the “quote of the day”….very nice inspiration each morning. Also the home of the Jesusonian Foundation.

Urantia University.org

~ Actualizing personal potentials of mind, matter and spirit through enlightened study, service and experience.


~ Videos inspired by the ideas and ideals in The Urantia Book.


~ This is the website of The United Urantia Family. Diane LaBrecque created it in 1992. Its mission is to live and spread the religion of Jesus especially through festivals, gatherings, travel and service. It is an inclusive, umbrella organization dedicated to loving Jesus and loving our fellow global citizens.


~ An extremely varied and exciting site. Includes links to scientific papers being researched and written today and supporting science that is clearly stated in The Urantia Book, but was (generally) unknown at time of publication (1955).


~ Square Circles is a place to learn as much as possible about the Urantia Book.


Urantia Organizations


The Urantia Book Fellowship

~ The social and fraternal arm of the Revelation. Read and hear The Urantia Book on line here!

Urantia Foundation

~ The Foundation’s primary aim is to print and translate The Urantia Book text.

Urantia Association International

~ Fostering study of The Urantia Book and study of its teachings.

Northern Light Society of Alaska

~ Home of the 2×2=MORE Project