Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word “Urantia” mean? Urantia is the name of our planet Earth in this spiritual cosmology.

How big is The Urantia Book? 2097 pages, divided into 196 Papers

When was The Urantia Book Published? 1955

How do I meet other readers of The Urantia Book? Many of the Spiritual Sites linked to our webpage are interactive enabling you to communicate with Readers worldwide. Or contact us!

How do I begin to study The Urantia Book? Because of the complexity of The Urantia Book, many find it helpful to study with other Readers.

How do I find out if there’s a Study Group near me? A Study Group Locator is found on The Urantia Fellowship website, Or contact us!

Who authored The Urantia Book? Super-human revelators. For thorough coverage of this question, see excellent sites noted on our Links of Interest page.

How can I find a copy of The Urantia Book? Over 700,000 copies in English have been distributed by major bookstores around the world and into innumerable libraries. The complete book can be read, heard or downloaded free of charge on The Urantia Fellowship website.

What if I do not speak English? Translations are now available in French, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, German, Korean. Forthcoming translations include Farsi, Chinese, Turkish, and Croatian.

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