Sponsor the 2x2 Project

Please consider a contribution of any size to aid The Northern Light Society in sponsoring youth ambassadors to future Outreach Activities around the globe.

Our Northern Light Society of Alaska is pleased to share a bit of history and the most recent news about our very special service project, 2×2=MORE.   Conceived in May of 2012 during a trip by three society members to Lagos, Nigeria to assist the International Fellowship Committee, we had a big Ah hah moment! On day two of a 5-day book fair, we ran out of the 300 pounds of Urantia Books we had carried with us. What do we do next???

We quickly realized we needed more people carrying books in their luggage, more publicity about our global efforts and we needed to engage and sponsor our younger generation to serve with us. The 2×2=MORE was born! Our intent was, and continues to be, sponsoring two young adults to book fairs with the IFC, as it travels the world, sharing the awesome teachings of The Urantia Book. In our short history, we have sponsored five youth, most recently Teuvo Orjala and Derek Samaras (featured above). These men, along with our previous ambassadors, Janelle Mazza, Mae Thompson and April Helen Morgan have now traveled to Croatia, Thailand, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador and Chile.

These trips have created learning opportunities, changed lives, and enabled growth in ways we could not even have imagined.   These global ambassadors have become leaders and teachers within our community and continue to be active with our outreach activities.

Our most recent trip to Croatia is featured on this home page. Its images and video will give you a flavor or who we are and what we do as we share spiritual vitamins, give presentations, teach about The Urantia Book and meet global citizens. Croatia, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, was originally named Dalamatia and has a rich spiritual history. The Croatians were ecstatic that The Urantia Book is now being translated into their native language. Most recently, Croatia has become a member of the European Union and its modernization efforts are transforming Eastern Europe.

The success of 2×2=MORE is the result of successful work by our ambassadors, the financial support from our readers, organized groups, and hard-working individuals who have devoted their time and efforts to this growing project.  Beyond carrying books and materials, our youth talk and listen to hundreds of people.   Love shines both ways through language barriers. Please share the 2×2=MORE story. Encourage your young people to consider applying to our program. And, very importantly, consider making a donation to our cause. It is the gift that keeps on giving.